Capoeira is a martial art with its roots in the Afro-Brazilian slave culture. Legend has it that slaves disguised their martial practice from the slave owners by introducing music and singing. Capoeira has developed into a smooth, acrobatic, stylised, and interactive “game” of attack and avoidance. It requires balance, agility, rhythm, and extreme control. Emphasis on freedom of expression and the intrinsic value of each individual continue to be important aspects of capoeira.

For a Capoeira “game” all the Capoeiristas stand in a circle, called a “roda.” The main instrument is a large bow, played with a stone, called  the “Berimbau”. The pace of the lead Berimbau (usually three in a  roda)  dictates the pace of the game. A large drum (or “atabaque”), a tambourine (“pandeiro”), and bells (“agogo”) also keep the rhythm. A lead vocalist sings the verses and all the Capoeristas join in for the chorus. Two players play at a time inside the roda.

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When? Tuesday 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 6pm – 8pm and Saturday 10am – 11:45am

Where? The Hall

Contact: Graduado Beleza 083 506 6026 or