Artists’ Co Operative

The Artists’ Co Operative is a life drawing and painting group which has been based in Observatory since the late 1980’s.

The Co Operative is a group of like-minded artists specialising in figure painting and who work from life. As a group we share the cost of the model and the studio.

The level of skill ranges from beginners to advanced amateurs to professional artists; the common thread between everyone is their professionalism and dedication to painting – to us painting is serious business.

We employ a model every week; she may maintain the pose for up to six sessions to facilitate those members who choose to work in oils.

While we budget for enough time for oil painting, our members also use watercolour, pastels, pencil, ink and/or charcoal.

There is no tuition, but there is plenty of peers to review and advise.

When? Our primary session takes place from 6:15pm to 8:45pm on a Thursday evening.

Members have individual time slots during the week to work on their own projects.

Contact: For enquires about fees, and joining the group, please contact Hillary, Andrew or Stephen