FireTribe is a professional Fire Performance group who have been performing since 2000.

For the past 5 years we have offered Poi Training at the Observatory Community Centre.

You don’t need to know anything to start. You will typically start off with a set of tennis balls on a piece of string, and only once you have achieved a fair degree of competence with these, will you be ‘allowed’ to set anything on fire.

All training involves NO FIRE whatsoever!

The class is taught on an individual basis so there is no need to ‘fit in’ with anybody else’s skill level. You will need some practice equipment but, in the beginning, you can borrow some if you like. Please call to book a place (the class sometimes gets full) and let me know if you need practice equipment. Occasionally a class is canceled when I am involved in a performance.

More info:

When? Every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 8pm

Costs: R80 per class or R240 for four classes paid upfront (R60 per class)

Contact: Jon-Peer 082 346 7400 or