Cape Academy Of Dramatic Art

The Cape Academy Of Dramatic Art (CADA) is an established Academy with 69 years experience behind it.

The Academy aims to produce well-trained actors and drama teachers. We offer courses in Acting and the Teaching of Speech and Drama and cover a variety of subjects which provide the right tools for a performer or teacher to hone their craft and succeed in their chosen profession.

Improvisaton, Characterisation, Accents, Voice and Speech, Theory of Drama, Literature, Sight reading and Practical Acting make for a varied and stimulating course. The Mid-year production, Story-theatre Tour and End-of year showcase provide important performance and pre-production experience.

Both internal and external examinations are offered to students and most of these are optional extras to a three-year course. Both Trinity College London and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art examinations are offered and students are trained and rehearsed in preparation for these.

If you think you have what it takes to set the stage or the speech and drama classroom ablaze, then why not give it a try?

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When? Monday 9am – 2pmWednesday 9am – 2pm and Friday 9am – 2pm

Contact: Carey Hickson-Mahony 021 722 067 162