The Art Room

A beautiful welcoming studio space!

For the past 18 years Margie Johnson has been teaching art and painting in the Community Centre where students gather weekly to hone their artistic talents.

Classes in oil and watercolour are offered to adults who vary from beginners to the experienced. Many of our students have gone on to become well-known in the South African art world.

It is our mission not only to teach the basic rules of painting but to encourage the individual style inherent in each artist.

Peter Schuman holds open time life drawing sessions where you are welcome to join him working from life without instruction.

Edie Smith Wilson is the perfect teacher for the adult who always wanted to paint – but can’t. She will patiently help and support the beginner wishing to be creative.

Please feel free to pop in for a chat or attend a class with no obligation to sign on for months!

Everybody can learn how to paint and draw. It’s only the need to do so that separates the artists from the non-artist!

When? Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm and Thursday 10am

Contact: Margie 082 855 1309 or, Peter 082 777 7044, Edie 082 446 4538